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Geriatric Medicine

Just like elderly people, aging pets often require additional care to maintain the best possible quality of life. It’s important for your aging pet to receive a full physical exam performed by a veterinarian at least once to twice a year so we can identify any health problems or concerns in their early stages. You’re also an important part of this healthcare crew, because no one knows your pet better than you do. Maybe you’ve noticed some of these changes:
  • Is your pet slower to get up from a resting position than in the past?
  • Does your pet pant more after exercise, even when it’s not warm out?
  • Is your pet sleeping more than usual?
  • Has your pet started growling while being touched?
  • Is your pet losing weight?
  • Is your pet drinking more water than usual?
  • Have your pet’s eating, drinking or elimination habits changed?
These could be signs of pain, discomfort, or disease. Please make note of anything you observe and let us know so we can begin any needed treatments right away.   Senior dogs and cats have made life’s journey so much more memorable, and they deserve a bit of first-class care in their later years. We’ll work with you to keep them feeling as good as possible.