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Fear Freesm Certified

Fear Freesm is a progressive movement started by Dr. Marty Becker that promotes calm and low-anxiety visits for all pets. Staff members at AirHeart are proud to be certified Fear Freesm professionals, a distinction that requires advanced training in low-stress handling, behavior modification techniques, and much more. We practice positive reinforcement using treats and playtime—so if your pet has favorite toys and treats, bring them along! We want to create happy associations with a visit to AirHeart.

Tips for preparing the Fear Freesm way!


  • Be sure to use a sturdy carrier with two doors or a removable top.
  • Cover the carrier with a towel to decrease visual stimuli and allow your cat to feel safe and hidden.
  • Consider using Feliway (a feline calming pheromone) sprayed around the carrier and towel.


  • Bring in your nervous dog for a social visit ahead of time so that arriving for the appointment is more comfortable.
  • Muzzles get in the way of treats, one of the reasons they aren’t always popular with dogs. If your dog needs one for safety reasons, do that training in advance so we can provide goodies and avoid being “the place with the muzzle.”