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Diagnostic Imaging

An electrocardiogram (also called an EKG or ECG) is a test for the electrical function of the heart. Just like with an airplane, your pet’s electrical system is critical for everything to run smoothly. If you’ve noticed your pet coughing, showing a decreased ability to exercise, fainting or losing weight, it’s possible that heart disease is the culprit. Let us know so we can arrange a referral to a cardiac specialist to perform advanced testing to best assess your pet’s heart function.

At AirHeart, we are equipped with a small ultrasound unit that helps us effectively assess your pet’s unique medical needs. This machine helps our doctors monitor and evaluate your pet’s bladder when taking urinary samples, as well as quickly and efficiently check for fluid around the heart, chest or abdomen in the event of a medical emergency. Should more involved diagnostics be needed, such as a full and focal diagnostic abdominal ultrasound or fluid testing, we’ll refer you and your pet to a board-certified specialist.

Our high-quality x-ray equipment helps in the speedy diagnosis of multiple disorders. Digital technology allows for faster imaging than traditional machines, and less radiation exposure. Often x-rays can be taken with little or no sedation. Like the digital photographs you take with your phone or camera, digital x-ray allows for optimal clarity of the image using contrast and zoom adjustments that can be made through the computer. This enhancement capability also means less x-ray exposure for your pet since some adjustments can be made in the computer rather than by taking additional images. If your pet needs to be seen by a veterinary specialist at a referral hospital, digital x-rays can easily be emailed for evaluation prior to your visit or placed on a disc for you to bring with you.